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Health and Wealth Seminar FREE! [Mar. 13th, 2006|04:16 pm]
Foundational Health
Free Health and Freedom Seminar Tomorow!
Hello, Im hosting a health and wealth seminar and I would loove to meet you! we are teaching you how to make thousands in residual income with mega MLM company USANA Health Siences! My contact info is as below! Call me to RSVP Ill see you there! Also, PLEASE listen to the audio at www.theultimatewealthsecret.com Thanks!

Event Start date: TUESDAY , MARCH 14, 2006 - 07:30 PM
Event End date: TUESDAY , March 14, 2006 - 09:00 PM
Event Type: Health and Freedom Weeks
Speaker: Daniel Song & NRG Golds
Place: Baldwin Park Marriot Courtyard
Address: 14635 Baldwin Park Towne Center
City: Baldwin Park
State/Prov/Region: California
Zip/Postal Code: 91706
Country: US
Contact Name: Diana Taylor
Contact Phone: 8187416263
Comments: Please be aware of our Business FORMAL dress code. Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. No children. And as a respect to all USANA associates and guests, please try to remain seated throughout the presentation. Please arrive early enough for registration before the start of the presentation. Thank you!
Registration Info: FREE for all first time guests.

From: (Anonymous)
2006-04-26 05:30 pm (UTC)

Help for cancer blog user study

Dear healthydiet:

This is a message to those of you who maintain/read/participate in blogs related to cancer. Might we request your assistance in an academic study about cancer blog usage?

My name is Deborah Chung, and I am an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications. My research focuses on the use of new communication technologies and their potential to empower information consumers. Currently, I am interested in examining how health information seekers, particularly cancer patients and their families/friends, adopt blogs.

I am teaming up with Dr. Sujin Kim, also at UK, who is an assistant professor in the School of Library and Information Science and has a sub-specialization in medical informatics. She has been working closely with the UK Cancer Center to build a biorepository information system (UK-BIS) for lung and ovarian cancer samples. Together, we would like to learn about how new information channels, such as blogs, are being used by cancer patients and their families/friends — specifically we are interested in their motivations, uses and consequences of using blogs.

As approved by our internal review board (IRB) at UK, this study is an anonymous survey that does not carry any risks to cancer patients. At the same time, we believe the information gathered from this study will greatly contribute to our understanding of the adoption of new communication technologies by cancer patients. This information will in turn assist in supporting the needs of cancer patients for future information technology and service development.

Thus, we would appreciate your participation in our survey. You can find the survey at https://wintis.mowsey.org/survey/. You might get a notice regarding the validity of the certificate. If that happens, please continue to proceed.

We appreciate your time, and thank you in advance for your help.


Deborah S. Chung, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism &
University of Kentucky

Sujin Kim, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
School of Library & Information Science
University of Kentucky

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